8 reasons you need a property manager


Laws and legislation – a property manager is up to date with all current and latest changes in laws and legislation. A property manager will be able to notify a property owner of any potential legal issues.

Market advice – a property manager will be able to give a rental appraisal of the achievable rent for a property. This can be very helpful for investors who aren’t locally based.

Finding the right tenant – to avoid the risk of stress and potentially loss of rent a property manger will complete relevant background checks on any potential tenant.

Viewing the property – showing prospective tenants through a property takes time and often can only be done when a tenant is available. This could be after hours or even in some cases the weekend. For a property owner this may result in property being vacant for longer.

Marketing – a property manager has access to many of the best websites and software programs to promote and advertise a property.

Maintenance issues – for any day to day maintenance that isn’t urgent, we can source quotes from our preferred suppliers or whoever you would like to use

Inspections – a professional property manager will conduct regular inspections. These are thorough and detailed inspections that include detailed report with photos.

Vacating a property – a property manager can ensure the agreement is terminated correctly, such as the correct amount of notice is given. Also making sure the property is in the same condition it was in when they rented