Frequently asked questions from tenants


Below are some questions and answers to our most frequently asked questions from tenants.

Are utilities included in the rent? For our rent per rooms, WIFI and power are included in the rent.

How often will rent increase? Annually

When is rent due and how will you need to pay? Rent is due usually due weekly or fortnightly, this is discussed when signing rental agreement. Payments are made via bank transfer.

How many weeks’ notice do I need to give? For a fixed term it is a mutual agreement between tenants and owners. A periodic tenancy is 28 days.

How much bond and rent in advance do I need to pay? Bond is 4 weeks rent and rent in advance is either 1 week or 2 weeks in advance depending on your choice of payment schedule

When do I get my bond back? The bond is held with tenancy services and can take up to 15 days to be processed once sent away. Provided everything is okay with the property the bond can be processed after the final inspection.

Can I apply without viewing the property? We prefer all prospective tenants to have viewed the property before applying as photos can be very deceiving. Family or friends can also view the property on your behalf if you live out of town or cannot make a viewing time

Does the property come furnished? All properties that come fully furnished will always be listed in the advertisement. Most properties don’t include furnishings such as whiteware however, we do have some that provide these amenities. Again this will be mentioned in the advertisement

When do the wheelie bins get emptied? Subject to suburb location, click the link below and enter your address to find out which day is your bin day