8 reasons you need a property manager


Laws and legislation – a property manager is up to date with all current and latest changes in laws and legislation. A property manager will be able to notify a property owner of any potential legal issues. Market advice – a property manager will be able to give a rental appraisal of the achievable rent

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1st July Update – Healthy Homes


A reminder update for everyone, tenants and landlords. As of the 1st of July, all new tenancies and renewals in rental homes will have to fully comply with the Healthy Homes standards within 90 days of the start of the tenancy or renewal. We here at T And T Property Management have been working hard

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5 Surprising facts about Property Management


Bonds, we don’t hold bonds it is held by a third party We are the middle person and act on behalf of the owner so cant always make decisions on the spot When suppliers do jobs we use trusted suppliers but it is out of our control for some jobs on their time frame Coming

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Getting your gutters ready for a heavy winter.


We are now in the middle of Autumn with Winter just peering around the corner. We all know with winter comes a lot of rain, wind, hail and quite possibly snow! Your gutters may be the last thing that comes to mind when getting ready for Winter. However if you are not prepared, they can

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Frequently asked questions by property owners


Below are some questions and answers to our most frequently asked questions from property owners. How long does it take to rent my property once empty? We like to allow 1 month however it is very rarely that it takes us long. How do you vet tenants? We do reference checks, credit checks, Facebook checks

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Smoke Alarms Save Lives.


Working smoke alarms are required in every rental property in New Zealand. Smoke alarms are to be installed 3 metres of each bedroom door or in every other room where a person sleeps. When your sleeping you lose your sense of smell, so don’t assume your smoke alarms are working. Check them regularly by pushing

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