Damage caused by weather


Wild weather can cause damage at your rental property. Find out what to do if your rental needs repairs after extreme weather or a natural disaster. Landlords are responsible for maintaining the property in a reasonable condition. This includes fixing any damage caused by severe weather or a natural disaster. Find out what to do

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Considered including Sections Maintained in your Tenancy Agreement?


A question many owners find themselves struggling to answer…. If you’re a tenant, you’re responsible for keeping the property reasonably clean and tidy. This includes mowing the lawns and weeding the gardens. There are many tenants that do a great job of maintaining their sections. However most struggle to keep them at an acceptable standard.

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Privacy Act 2020


The Privacy Act 2020 governs how agencies collect, store, use, disclose, and give access to personal information. As a landlord or property manager, you need to comply with the Privacy Act. Personal information covered by the Privacy Act is any information that tells you something about a specific individual. Landlords can only collect personal information

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Top 5 tips for bond refunds


Getting your bond back at the end of your tenancy should be an easy process. Prevent any issues with getting your bond back. Have a read through our tips. During your tenancy you should stay on top of repairs and maintenance. If anything needs fixing tenants should notify the landlord as soon as possible. 2.

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Tenancy types


Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, it’s important to know the differences between a periodic tenancy and a fixed-term tenancy. Periodic tenancy A periodic tenancy is one that continues until either the tenant or the landlord gives written notice to end the tenancy. As a tenant you are required to give a minimum of 28

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Making minor changes to the property


This change to the Residential Tenancies Act provides clarity on what a minor change is and sets the process for a tenant requesting a minor change, a landlord consenting to the request, and reinstatement at the end of the tenancy. What is classified as a minor change? they present a low risk of damage to

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Healthy Home – Upcoming changes


The Government has announced upcoming changes to the healthy homes standards, in response to feedback from the rental sector. These changes are expected to take effect in April 2022. Changes will be made to the heating, ventilation, and moisture ingress and drainage standards. The purpose of the Residential Tenancies (Healthy Homes Standards) Regulations 2019 is

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Wear and tear vs Intentional damage


Fair wear and tear refers to the gradual deterioration of things that are used regularly in a property when people live in it. A tenant is not responsible for normal fair wear and tear to the property or any chattels provided by the landlord when they use them normally. The tenant is responsible for any

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