Qualities of a dream tenant


Rent paid on time – Paying rent on time is one of the most fundamental aspects of any tenancy. Paying rent helps the owner pay their mortgage but in return gives the tenant a stable place to live. Treat the property as if it were their own – A tenant that is “house proud” is

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What is considered when screening potential tenants?


1 Relevant criminal convictions: Online background checks are done to avoid tenanting to potentially destructive tenants. However when completing a background check it is a case by case process. Which involves considering the nature of the offence and the severity. 2 Good credit history: Checking an applicant’s credit history may help you avoid rent arrears.

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Trusted Partner


We are please to be signed up as a trusted partner of tenancy.co.nz. As we strive to do better everyday and provide excellent service to our clients. A service that constantly provides us with the knowledge and support with the ever changing laws and regulations around property management.

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Fines after July 1st


The 1st of July deadline dawned on us fairy quickly and it is important all landlords understand what that means when a new tenancy begins. As you may already know after July 1st 2021 all new tenancies and renewals in rental homes will have to fully comply with the Healthy Homes standards within 90 days

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8 reasons you need a property manager


Laws and legislation – a property manager is up to date with all current and latest changes in laws and legislation. A property manager will be able to notify a property owner of any potential legal issues. Market advice – a property manager will be able to give a rental appraisal of the achievable rent

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1st July Update – Healthy Homes


A reminder update for everyone, tenants and landlords. As of the 1st of July, all new tenancies and renewals in rental homes will have to fully comply with the Healthy Homes standards within 90 days of the start of the tenancy or renewal. We here at T And T Property Management have been working hard

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5 Surprising facts about Property Management


Bonds, we don’t hold bonds it is held by a third party We are the middle person and act on behalf of the owner so cant always make decisions on the spot When suppliers do jobs we use trusted suppliers but it is out of our control for some jobs on their time frame Coming

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