Getting your gutters ready for a heavy winter.


We are now in the middle of Autumn with Winter just peering around the corner. We all know with winter comes a lot of rain, wind, hail and quite possibly snow! Your gutters may be the last thing that comes to mind when getting ready for Winter. However if you are not prepared, they can become quite damaged and costly. There are a few ways to avoid some damage and prepare your gutters for winter.

Clears the leaves and debris out of your gutters.

While you should keep your gutters clear of leaves in Autumn. It should also be a high priority on your winter list. When its snows or freezes over night it can add a lot of weight to the gutters and cause them to become detached and collapse.

Realign your gutters.

You will want to make sure your gutters are realigned properly to avoid standing water in your gutters.

Repair any wear and tear.

Make sure your gutters are in working order for the winter months ahead. Seal any cracks, check all joins, and check for any missing or loose fasteners holding your gutters down to avoid them from flying of the roof and causing more damage to your home or those around you.   

Check your downspouts.

You also want to make sure that all downspouts are clear, as a backup could cause your downspout to freeze and crack later in the season.