How much power do appliances use?


There are many appliances that we use in our homes – also many that we use daily. The high end areas are usually in the kitchen, and laundry. Appliance such as ovens & stove, fridge, dishwasher etc.

You might be surprised to know how much each one of your electrical appliances costs to run. Being aware of which everyday household appliances have higher running costs is a good way to avoid higher energy bills. Check out the link below for a guide on house hold appliances and their power usage.

If you’re shopping for a new whiteware appliance, TV, fridge or heat pump, you’ll see an Energy Rating label prominently displayed on the products.

The label shows a simple star rating – the more stars, the more energy-efficient the appliance. The label also features an annual energy consumption (kWh per year), calculated from average expected use.