Qualities of a dream tenant


Rent paid on time – Paying rent on time is one of the most fundamental aspects of any tenancy. Paying rent helps the owner pay their mortgage but in return gives the tenant a stable place to live.

Treat the property as if it were their own – A tenant that is “house proud” is a great quality to have, especially when it comes to maintaining the value of your investment and keeping your mind at ease. As well as not causing any damage, the tenant will keep your property clean and tidy and let the property manager know of any issues, should they arrise.

Long-term tenancy – Keeping a tenant in your property long-term is ideal, as it saves you time and money trying to replace them if they leave.

Maintenance communication – something small can turn into a big expense for owners. An ideal tenant will notify their landlord when they notice any maintenance issue that requires attention.

Accommodating – provides access to property inspections, during the tenancy with minimum inconvenience to all.

Adheres to legislation and terms of the Tenancy Agreement – the most important of all! A tenant that follows the terms and conditions of their tenancy agreement and requests permission for pets and property alterations.