What is considered when screening potential tenants?


1 Relevant criminal convictions: Online background checks are done to avoid tenanting to potentially destructive tenants. However when completing a background check it is a case by case process. Which involves considering the nature of the offence and the severity.

2 Good credit history: Checking an applicant’s credit history may help you avoid rent arrears. As you’ll have upfront insight into whether or not they’ve been responsible with their money in the past.

3 Stable income and employment: Landlords and Property Managers need to feel confident in their tenant’s ability to pay rent and on time each week. This helps to have a employment reference included in the application form.

4 First impressions: Remembering first impressions are everything! You are more than likely to be remembered by your first impression. Whether it is over the phone or at a viewing. Respect is very important.

5 Reference checks: With any prospecting tenant a reference check is always completed to get a better understanding of the potential tenants renting background and personal character.