What Is ‘Reasonably’ Clean and Tidy?


The reoccurring and often frustrating term ‘reasonably clean and tidy’ tends to leave owners, property managers and tenants in disagreement. As per the Residential Tenancies Act, a tenant must keep and leave a property reasonably clean and tidy. But what does that actually mean?

No where in the RTA does it specify what is expected from tenants when they refer to the term reasonably clean and tidy. Therefore, this can often lead to differences when it comes to routine and final inspections. Here at T And T Property Management we believe it comes down to the individuals discretion. But for owners, sometimes this can be very frustrating.

It is important to remember in this situation that everyone lives differently. How you or I may look after our homes may not be how some tenants look after their homes. If the properties are not dirty or damaged we need to leave the term ‘reasonably clean and tidy’ quite open.

If you have any queries or concern over the way your property is being maintained or has been left, feel free to give us a call. Again, the term ‘reasonably clean and tidy’ is down to the individuals discretion but we can give you our opinion.