Are regular rental inspections really that important?


Do you own a rental property or have thought about investing in one? As property managers we can assure you that it isn’t as simple as chucking some tenants into a property and hoping for the best. Here at T And T Property Management, we undergo reference and credit checks before tenanting to ensure that

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Think your rentals fire proof? Think again.


Every rental property in New Zealand requires a working smoke alarm within 3 metres of each bedroom door or in every room where a person sleeps. But when was the last time you checked to see if they were actually working? With it being winter time we tend to use a lot more flammable appliances

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Is your property damp and prone to mould?


Winter time in Invercargill can be tough on your properties, with all the excess moisture in the air and little sun a lot of properties become prone to dampness and mould. Below is an article from EECA Energywise that identifies signs that your property may be damp and ways to help you combat unwanted mould

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Do you know how to keep your home warm and dry this winter?


Housing New Zealand have just published some interesting tips that can help you keep your home warm and dry during these colder months. Make sure to check out the link below for the full article so you’re prepared to take on this winter!

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November update


Well this is our first update ever on our new website. Firstly would just like to thank Back9 for making us such a cool website. You guys have been a huge part to our business and designing everything for us words can’t thank you enough. When we first started the business it was important to

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