How Successful People Make The Most Out Of Their Property Management


Successful people in property management make the most of their investments and businesses through a combination of effective strategies and practices. Here are some key ways they achieve success in property management: Thorough Market Research: Successful property managers conduct in-depth market research to identify profitable opportunities. They analyze local real estate trends, rental demand, vacancy

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10 Suprising Facts About Property Management


Property management is an ancient practice that can be traced back to ancient Rome, where wealthy individuals would hire “villicus” to manage their estates. The term “property manager” is a relatively recent one, emerging in the 20th century as real estate ownership and management became more complex. Property managers handle various types of properties, including

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10 Key Skills That Most Property Managers Possess


Property managers play a crucial role in the real estate industry, overseeing properties and ensuring their smooth operation. They possess a diverse skill set that enables them to handle various responsibilities efficiently. Here are ten essential skills that most property managers possess. Communication: Property managers excel in clear and effective communication, enabling them to interact

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Why Owners Believe They Can Do Their Own Property Management


As a property owner, it’s natural to want to keep expenses low and take on tasks yourself whenever possible. However, when it comes to property management, many owners believe that they can handle the responsibilities on their own. While this may seem like a cost-effective solution, it can often lead to problems down the line.

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The 5 Tell-tale Signs You Need a Property Manager


Believing in ourselves is such an amazing quality to have, but we also need to know when we have bitten off just a little more than we can chew. Being aware of your own limitations as a landlord is extremely important as this can have a massive affect on your investment property. This post points

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Debunking 7 Common Myths about Property Management


If you are a Landlord, you know that managing your own property can be a lot of work. Between finding suitable tenants, collecting rent and managing repairs, there is a lot to keep track of. This work is definitely not easy, but can be made a lot more manageable by working with a professional property

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Changes to the Building Act 2004


The Building Act 2004 repealed the Building Act 1991 and introduced several new changes to the law governing building work. The changes were introduced in stages between 2005 and 2012. The Act has been subject to many reviews and amendments since it was introduced. This was to make technical adjustments and introduce improvements in building

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15 Questions to Ask Before Hiring A Property Manager


Property management is an extremely fast -paced and complicated business, so it’s crucial to find the right property manager for you and your property. Some qualities to look for in a potential property manager could be: A positive attitude Excellent communication Detail oriented Organized Honest Passionate about what they do There is more to being

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