Frequently asked questions by property owners


Below are some questions and answers to our most frequently asked questions from property owners. How long does it take to rent my property once empty? We like to allow 1 month however it is very rarely that it takes us long. How do you vet tenants? We do reference checks, credit checks, Facebook checks

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Smoke Alarms Save Lives.


Working smoke alarms are required in every rental property in New Zealand. Smoke alarms are to be installed 3 metres of each bedroom door or in every other room where a person sleeps. When your sleeping you lose your sense of smell, so don’t assume your smoke alarms are working. Check them regularly by pushing

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Investing in a property Manager


Managing a rental property is a full-time job, governed by several laws you must oblige by. While most of us have a “can do attitude” it is almost always better to have a property manager. Some owners simply don’t have the time to handle the day-to-day operations of their own rental property. Whereas others simply

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Frequently asked questions from tenants


Below are some questions and answers to our most frequently asked questions from tenants. Are utilities included in the rent? For our rent per rooms, WIFI and power are included in the rent. How often will rent increase? Annually When is rent due and how will you need to pay? Rent is due usually due

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A Summary of how bonds work


A rental bond is a sum of money that a landlord can ask for as security against their property when a new tenancy starts. The bond money is held by Tenancy Services for the duration of the tenancy. When a tenancy ends, the landlord can use this money if any careless of intentional damage as

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10 Signs You’ll Benefit From Property Management


Do you own an investment property? Do you manage your own investment but have been thinking about handing it over to a professional? See below 10 signs that you could benefit from property management. The tenant is constantly calling, texting or emailing you You’re constantly organizing maintenance and repairs You’re having problems with the tenant

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February 2021 Tenancy Law Changes


As of February 11, 2021 there will be more changes made to the tenancy legislation. Please see below a summary of what these changes will involve. Security of Rental Tenure- landlords cannot end a periodic tenancy without a reason by giving 90 days notice. New notice periods and termination grounds will be in place for

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What Is ‘Reasonably’ Clean and Tidy?


The reoccurring and often frustrating term ‘reasonably clean and tidy’ tends to leave owners, property managers and tenants in disagreement. As per the Residential Tenancies Act, a tenant must keep and leave a property reasonably clean and tidy. But what does that actually mean? No where in the RTA does it specify what is expected

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