So You’ve Bought An Investment Property.. Now What?


Investing in property is a great way to generate a return and has two types of potential returns. The first being from rent paid by tenants and the second is the property increasing in value, called capital gain. Rentals can provide regular income while maximizing capital through leverage. Rent should rise over time whilst debt

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Inside a T And T Property Management Inspection Report


Inspections are a very important part of our job and when owning an investment property. For owners, these are usually required for insurance purposes, at least every three months. Above is a snippet of what our routine and full inspection reports can look like. There are a number of features for each room in the

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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Rental Property


There are a number of ways you can maximize profit from your investment property. Sometimes this involves spending money to make money. Below are some suggestions that we believe will add value to your property and in turn achieve higher rent. Don’t initially set rent too low- rent can always be lowered but it can’t

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T And T Property Management FAQ’s


What is your management fee? Our fees range between 7% and 10% depending on the property or your portfolio. Are there any initial costs for full management of my property? If the property is untenanted, we charge for an admin fee or securing a tenant. This is one weeks rent + GST. If the property

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Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Property Management?


Undeniably owning an investment property is a risk. Leaving the day to day management to someone else is also just as risky. Therefore, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself to ensure you’re getting the most out of your property management. Is your property manager maximizing the return on your investment? It

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10 Reasons You Need To Consider Property Management


You don’t have enough time to deal with your property(s) Rent isn’t constant Your tenants are difficult to deal with The law changes are confusing and hard to keep up with The property condition is declining The property is costing you more than you make You don’t know how to keep up with the rental

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