Rental Insurance..What both owners and tenants need to know


When it comes to renting, insurance is beneficial for both owners and tenants. Landlords should insure their properties against any damage. Tenants should get insurance to cover their belongings and protect them from liability.

Landlords require rental insurance. Most policies will cover tenant damage and some will cover vacancy periods. Insurance companies will usually require frequent inspection reports in order to claim for any damage. This is why we recommend 3 monthly inspection reports. Landlords must provide their insurance information in any new tenancy agreement including the excess amount. If the property is not insured this still needs to be written in the tenancy agreement. Ensure you thoroughly read your insurance policies to see exactly what is covered.

Tenants should insure their belongings when renting, as the landlords insurance does not cover this. Tenants can also now be held liable for damage to the property. If tenants or their guests cause careless damage to the property they will be held liable for up to four weeks rent or the landlords insurance excess, whichever is lower. Tenants should look into contents insurance to cover their belongings and personal liability insurance to cover them in certain situations.

For any questions regarding landlords or tenants insurance be sure to ask your insurer. It is important that you are familiar with what your policies cover and for different situations.

T And T Property Management Vision Statement


A vision statement is an aspiration that a company would like to achieve in the mid or long term. At T And T Property Management, our vision statement is ‘to be the go to property management team in Invercargill.’

We take pride in what we do. Helping owners achieve their investment goals and tenants to find suitable housing. Our vision statement will be the end result.

T And T Property Management Mission Statement


At T And T Property Management our mission statement and main purpose is to ‘help you achieve your investment goals.’ This is our aim and why our company exists. Our mission statement is our overall goal when assisting our clients.

T And T Property Management Core Purpose


T And T Property Property Management’s core purpose is always front of mind and what we aim to achieve at all times. By instilling our company values our purpose is who we aim to be as a company and what we aim to achieve.

‘Providing exceptional service and top quality property management.’

T And T Property Management Values


At T And T Property Management we take pride in what we do and why we do it. There are five values that we incorporate into everyday business and help assist us in striving to be better than the day before.

Exceeding Expectations- always being honest, reliable and providing a top level of communication.

Innovative- thinking outside the box, fresh ideas, always ready for a challenge to provide excellence.

Knowledgeable- always understanding what we do and why.

Positivity- loving what we do and having fun.

Everyday Better- striving to be better than yesterday.