5 Surprising facts about Property Management

  1. Bonds, we don’t hold bonds it is held by a third party
  2. We are the middle person and act on behalf of the owner so cant always make decisions on the spot
  3. When suppliers do jobs we use trusted suppliers but it is out of our control for some jobs on their time frame
  4. Coming to view a property is like going to a job interview – first impressions always count
  5. When it comes to any property management queries we do our best to respond as soon as we can, however our job means we are often in and out of the office.

4 Qualities the Best People in the Property Management Industry Tend to Have


When it comes to choosing a property manager it is important to take time and do your research. Having a good property manager can help attract and keep good tenants . Below are 5 qualities the best people in Property Management tend to have.

Experience: A good property manager will have thorough a understanding on all things property, especially an understanding of legislation.

Communication: A strong property manager should have exceptional communication skills, both written and oral.

Organization: A property manager must have contact information for both owners and tenants, along with phone numbers for maintenance staff, contractors and vendors. A property manager maintains a calendar of due dates for inspections and rental payments.

People skills: One of the most important qualities a property manager should possess is the ability to work well with people. Negotiation skills are a must in working out issues with angry tenants or persuading an owner to make improvements.